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Add pictures to riptide tv footage.

Good job for bringing in the cans for food force 68 :)

RTMS has set up its Christmas tree so bring in hats, and gloves for the donations and you can help decorate our tree.  E-mails have been sent out to every single one of you by our one and only Mr. Peterson.

Finish art portfolio rough copy if you have not.

Food Force Dec 12 period 6 - 7 is building day ( remember no tape)

Food goal bring a toonie per student.

(Band only)Dec 13 winter concert.  We are doing jingle bells for our winter concert  so practice for it. You can borrow music books from Mr. Braga.

Musical Band rehearsal at lunch/recess every Tuesday.  We only have 1 more rehearsal on Tuesday.

Bring a book to read every Tuesday and Thursdays for Thompson Time.

ROM is coming on December 18

Bring in food or other things like shampoo, body wash etc. for the food force .  Food should be brand new.

Bring in more food, money, and conditioners we have challenged 61(Ms. Vento's class) and they have accepted.  They are catching up quickly.


Bring a book with you to read in class.

Check email daily.

 Please clean out flight notes from binder because we need space for space.  If you have not, it should be the first thing you do when you get home.

19th December is space vocab quiz study 2 words a day.  Words are emailed to you.

Jan 12 mid unit quiz space.  Review for 10 minutes each day.

Also finish the science paper with the questions if you have not already.


Check email daily.

Go to the EQAO practice tests for 5 minutes a day. Attempt the multiple choice first. 

Dec 13 Measuring Angles Quiz
Dec 15 Measuring, Naming, Classifying Angles Quiz
Dec 20 Drawing, Measuring, Naming, Classifying Angles Quiz

Complete homework:Mind map for protractor and steps on how to measure an angle

Watch video sent on how to measure an angle

Bring a basic protractor for Monday for geometry.
No need for Geometry Set. 


Remember Gym Clothes (or just bring extra clothes for gym, you don't need the Riptide Athletics shirt)

  . Check E-Mail. 
  • Have earbuds at school ( keep at lockers, if you have a device).
  • Complete agenda in your email
  • Finish haiku deck and google slides presentation and embed it into the Language Arts section in you portfolio website.  Watch the videos if you are not sure how to go to Tech>programs>presentations>Haiku deck


Have a French/English dictionary to keep at home.

Review all your notes in your notebook and binder daily.

Every Friday  is review day, so don't forget to bring your french binder and notebook.

Be good to play the french game.



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