68's Homework board

Announcements and News  
  • Bring in reusable water bottles for Great Gulp Challenge
  • Great gulp on March 29
Language Arts
  • Start genius hour mind map
  • Review your notes for the static electricity and atom test on April 26
  • Ratio, Rate and unit Rate test on Tues/ Mar 26
  • Complete the rest of the questions on the right sided page for homework
  • we have music on days 1,3,8 and 9
  • Band practice = every tuesday 

Physical Education
  • Day 4, period 5 is health (Portable 1)   
  • we have Gym on days 1,3,6,9 and 10
  •   Integrated Technology (IT)
  • Check e-mail every day
  • we have IT on days 6 and 7 
  • bring earbuds to school and keep them in your locker 
  • Tech team must update class website everyday 
Social Studies 
  • Human rights presentation begin Monday 
  • Nothing at the moment 
  • Review vocab on quizlet.

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