68's Homework board

Announcements and News📰

  • FUN FAIR FUNDRAISER OCTOBER 30TH (bring in $0.50 to $5.)
  • Flight trip coming up October 28th
  • Pay for Cedar Glen trip ASAP if you are going
  • Bring notebook or lined paper for French 
  • We’re going to sobeys and shoppers tomorrow! You can bring money if you wanna buy something

Language Arts📘

  • Finish your library pocket
  • Complete the first draft of your memoir for Tuesday, October 15th and share it with Ms.Diana.

  • Study your notes for 10 minutes each night
  • Study 2 air and flight words a night 
  • Hand in lab reports if you haven't already
  • True or False sheet
  • Write down items you wanna measure on Thursday in the store 

  • Practice your instrument first three notes C, D and E (instrumental peeps)

Physical Education

  • Bring gym clothes every class 
  • Health class in day 3 period 2 (if it is a pleasant day then we will most likely go outside)

Integrated Technology (IT)💻

  • Check your gmail everyday
  • Bring earbuds to school and keep them in your locker
  • Fill out Lockers.rtms.ca
  • Fill out Birthdays.rtms.ca (if you did it last year, then change your class to 68)
Social Studies🗺️
  • Discuss what is meant by the term significance

Visual Arts🎨

  • Bring a sketchbook to school 
  • Finish your rough draft by next art class

  • Practice french vocabulary; review 'la verbe être'; the être homework sheet
  • Avoir and être sheet homework. ( the new one)

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