68's Homework board

Announcements and News  
    . Ski trip on January 28 and March 4 @6:30 am- 5:00 pm   
Language Arts
  • Read 30 minutes everyday
  • Organize binder whenever you can
  • Work on all journal entries
  • Watch science videos emailed! 
  • Presentation will continue until January 29th
  • Watch Math videos emailed!
  • Finish pages 146 and 147 of finding the area of a triangle worksheet
  • Math test area of rectangle, parallelogram and triangle Wed Jan/23                                                    
  • Band practice every Tuesday (it will say if there is no band on the announcements)
  • Music days: 1,4,8, and 9

Physical Education
  • Have gym clothes at school on Day 1, 3, 6, 9, and 10.
  • Day 4, period 5 is health ( Portable 1)
Integrated Technology (IT)
  • Check e-mail everyday.
  • Have earbuds at school (Keep them in lockers unless the teacher says to get them)
  • Tech Team must try to update the class website everyday when there is homework 
  • Keep updating portfolio website whenever you can
  • We have IT days: 6 and 7 
Social Studies

  • Finish your texture monster  mindmap and when you have completed that, do a drawing of it
  • Practice  French vocab everyday 
  • End of unit quiz : Jan 22 
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