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If you are in band and came to the Tuesday Practise you need to hand in the form to Ms.moon before Friday.   
If you have not gave in you form in for heath for your needles.


Do some writing at home 2 times a week and writing at school 3 times a week.

April 30 Electricity Unit Quiz.
We are making our cars.


Watch the videos every day it will help you, that  Mr.Sunnak sends us. 

Go to the E.Q.A.O practice tests for 10 minutes a day. Attempt the multiple choice first. E.Q.A.O is starting the last week of May.

Bring math notes mr sunnak gave to you today.

Mean, Median, Mode test next wednesday.


Remember Gym Clothes for day 3, 4, and 5 (if you do not have. The riptide shirt than just bring extra clothes for the gym, you don't need the Riptide Athletics shirt.
Heath presentations are due.


Check E-Mail. Have earbuds at school ( keep at lockers, if you have a device).

After you have done editing your car, add it to the Tinkercad Cars section in this website. 


Have a French/English dictionary to keep at home.

Review all your notes in your notebook and binder daily.

Every Friday is review day, so don't forget to bring your french binder and notebook.

Bring pencil crayons for french good copy

We are doing our presentations tomorrow.

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